Are You Hungry ?

I have always thought that the way items on a menu are described can make your mouth water in desire. These are some examples that may cause you to hesitate in ordering.

From menu items in China, Thailand, Mexico and yes the USA.

Spaghetti Coronary
Meatballs Made of Swedes
Toasted Beagles
Chicken Fried Mexicans
Cabbages and Condoms
Deepresso Coffee
Sushi-Chef's Butt
Veal Voldostana, topped with asparagus,mozzarella,prostitute and swiss cheese.
Each sandwich special comes with small dink.

My review would be I'll take the Spaghetti if it includes meatballs. I will pass on the Swede meatballs though. Toasted Beagles, depends on the condiments. No to the chicken dish.The Cabbages and Condoms ...hmmm hold the Condoms. I will try any coffee so yes to the Deepresso. Not a sushi fan so pass on that. The Veal dish ...well depends who serves it. I have no problem with a sandwich with a small dink but bring a coke or pepsi.

A good proofreader is sometimes hard to find.


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