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The Gunner

Was reading a book on the 1960 World Series where the Pirates beat in the Yankkes in seven games on Bill Mazeroski's home run. It is tto bad Bob Prince did not get to call it, it would rank up there with Russ Hodges and other memorable calls. Soooo..with that in mind here is how I think the Gunner would describe it. TERRY LOOKS IN THE COUNT 1-0. HERE COMES THE PITCH. THERE'S A DRIVE TO DEEP LEFT BERRA GOING BACK IT 'S GOING WAY BACK AND YOU CANNNN KISS IT GOODBYE. THE BUCS HAVE WON THE SERIES ON A HOMERUN BY BILLY MAZEROSKI. THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT. THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT. THEY HAVE BEATEN THE YANKEES. IT'S PANDEMONIUM HERE AT FORBES FIELD. WE HAD 'EM ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY !!!!!

Demise of KKSF

Yes I was saddened to hear that smooth jazz will no longer be on the station. But I was also sad of the end of Mervyns and Tower records. There is jazz on 91.1FM in San Mateo. I will give The Band some listening time. Maybe as a spark they can use some celebtrity dj's. Ringo Starr ? Bill Wyman ?

MLB Pitch, Hit and Run Event

On May 12, 2009 Capture The Dream and the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club took part in the MLB Pitch, Hit and Run Event.

Over forty boys and girls participated in the event.

When asked what they liked about the event Tino Ellington, recreation director from the Bay View Hunter’s Point YMCA was very pleased with the event. “It was fun for a first time event and it gave the kids a chance to go to the All Star Game”.

Jake Babick, counselor from the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club also felt it was a great day. “The kids were well behaved and they have been looking forward to this event”.

Capture The Dream

Capture the Dream, Inc. was founded with the notion that everyone has dreams and aspirations --- but not everyone knows how to achieve them. This organization strives to support the future of our youth, empower future leaders, assist disadvantaged families, further education and arts, and capture dreams through enriching programs specially catered to those in need.

Capture the Dream, Inc. was born in the summer of 2006 by Janine Lee. Founded by a young enthusiast at the age of 21, this organization brings a fresh, new perspective to assisting the community.

Our annual DreamPack Campaign. The campaign provides needy students of various ages and grade levels with brand new backpacks filled with school supplies. Every back pack contains 30 items that are customized for each student’s grade level and needs. Equipped with the right tools, students can finally focus on learning

In 2008, Capture the Dream, Inc. started a Scholarship Fund to help remove one of the largest obstacles preventing st…

Ali-Frazier I .... March 8, 1971

A recent book by Michael Arkush tells about the fight of the century between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. In the book he refers to 5,500 fans in Pittsburgh watching the fight outdoors at Three Rivers Stadium in 18 degree weather. I was one of them along with two friends. I was a freshman at Point Park College and we decided to go. Through the winds, the cheers and the sipping of coffee we did indeed witness an event which I have never seen duplicated. No Super Bowl or World Series or any any boxing match comes close in the anticipation of that night. When they were in their corners before the bell sounded I was almost shaking with nervous excitement. Being an Ali fan I was disappointed that he lost but the memory of that night lives on. I wonder if I will ever experience a sporting event like that again.