VP says hang in there

Well it looks like we have a new phrase from the vault to add to the 21st century.

Hang in there.

According to Wikipedia:

Hang in there, was a popular catch phrase made by a motivational poster. The poster featured a picture of a small kitten, hanging on to a tree branch. It has since become a popular relic of the 1970s.

A copy of the poster was famously presented to former Vice President Spiro Agnew by 100 of his supporters in Congress when he was under pressure to resign in 1973.

Now we have another VP connecting with the phrase.As part of the Obama Administration’s social media outreach this week, Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Yahoo! News’ Anna Robertson for a wide-ranging interview that included questions from sent in from internet users

Biden said that while the economy is starting to grow, he understands there it is still painful for the millions of Americans still looking for work.

“The message is "hang in there,” he said. “Things are coming back.”

That is good to know. Keep that mantra. Why don't we all use that. The next time you are late on a payment, just tell the caller, hang in there, the payment is coming. That's what the VP says. The next time you are on hold for forty minutes, an agent will come on and say, hang in there, someone will get to you.

The next time someone running for officer asks you for a donation, jsut say hang in there.

The question is hang in there for how long ?


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