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My 15 Seconds of TV Fame

I was at the One Stop Career Center Tuesday to let a counselor know I was starting a new position next week and KGO Channel 7 was there doing a story on unemployment and talking to people. David Louie the reporter had wrapped up and I mentioned that I had just secured a job and he asked if he could interview me. Yes I replied, so they got the camera opened hooked the mike up and off we went. I answered about six questions. He asked about my search and stuff and it will air this Friday channel 7 at 6pm. Afterwards I felt confident and wasn't that nervous. Believe me job interviews are more stressful. He told me I had had good customer service skills. That was a boost to me. How much they cut it to remains to be seen, but I would like to see the whole interview.

WWF in the 80's

I sure miss the WWF in the eighties. The Honky Tonk Man.......I know you wanna hear me sing and dance..And I'm not gonna let you down*******The Macho Man Randy Savage.....Oooohhhh Yeeeeaahhhh**********Jesse The Body Ventura.....I feel an upset coming tonight McMahon, the chump Hogan is going downnnnn***********Hulk Hogan...Wacha gonna do brother when HULKAMANIA runs wild on you*******The Million Dollar Man...Every man has a price. Hahahahahahah********Bobby The Brain Heenan...I am The Brain and I do exactly what I wanna do******Roddy Piper...I'm Roddy Piper and you're not******

The Beatles

Was just thinking about the Beatles today and how they influenced us so much. Remember when it was a treat to hear a new Beatles single or to hear cuts from their new album. I haven't experienced that thrill with an artist since. Except when their three anthology cd's came out. Then you had to go buy it. Back then singles were like 79 cents and albums $3.99. When McCartney announced he was leaving it was like a shock. It couldn't be true. I remember my Mom told me when I got home from high school. Then Let It Be came out on film and then you could see the reasons why they grew apart.

Me and Axel

Remember "The Gambler" with James Caan? The scene where he tells his bookie he doesn't have the money to pay his debt.
Axel: I'm short Hips
Hips: How short?
Axel: Well I had it all but I lost most of it.
Hips: How much you got?
Axel: Fifteen
Hips: Fifteen...Fifteen thousand is all you got out of Fourty Four Thousand
Axel: Fifteen Hundred

That's what I feel like telling the hospital when they come calling on me.
I relate to quotes from movies.

2007 Review

Still hard to see Tom Brady throwing 50 TD's and Randy Moss catching 23. I remmber when Marino looked awesome throwing 48 and then 46. And Rice grabbing 22. Tomlinson had what 31 last year and Manning 49 the year before. No performance enhancing whispers on any of these, unlike baseball. The one mark that holds and holds is most yards passing in a game 551 by Norm Van Brockling in are you ready.........1951........I think only 3 or 4 had topped 500 in a game. I thought Warner had a chance this year when he had the ball nar his goal line and was going to work down the field but thenhe fumbled and the niners recoverd for a TD.

Eli's Coming

The old Three Dog Night song? No Eli 's arrived, he's no longer in Peyton's shadow. How hard was this man for him. Beating Tampa Bay, Dallas, Green Bay on the road and now New England. I think this is the biggest upset since Namath and Jets knocked off the Colts who at the time were considered the best team ever. Wonder where Eli goes in all the Fantasy drafts next year? That pass to Tyree on the scramble...a replay that will go down with Lynn Swann's catches as so acrobatic. Just goes to show...On Any Given Sunday in the NFL....anything can happen. Thanks for tuning in.

Walking and Hiking

Having been walking and hiking for exercise since 1990 I have these observations. When I go alone I always have a walkman . I have over 75 cassetes recorded thru the years. Rock music, jazz, soundtracks... a nice mix .Just need that music to go. I notice others have a walkman, ipod or headphones. Some walk their dog. When I am with someone or a group I enjoy the conversation. A feeling I don't like is out on the trail and the batteries go dead! Oh no! Tried a cd player, but too many skips.

One more 25 Years Ago

In 1983 I finished my first season of Fantasy Football. Those were the days of no internet, no fantasy magazines, no injury reports and no espn update. You searched for information on back pages of newspaper or heard it on the radio. Back then insider information was priceless. Sometimes you would play say a Wes Chandler then pick up the paper next morning and see no stats for him. What happened you would think. Then in the game writeup you see Chandler did not play because of a hamstring injury. Huh!! You were really tested for knowledge then. You were the scout, QB, offensive coordinator and Chris Berman all in one. Now everything is handed to you on a platter to set a lineup.

More 25 Years Ago

I sure miss the old NFL Today with Brent Musburget, Irv Cross, Phyllis George and of course "Jimmy The Greek" . They had great chemistry. Remember that time when Brent told Jimmy that he was going to reduce his airtime and the Greek went looking for him and decked him? That Sunday when it came to his segment Phyllis rang a bell and said "round two". Then Brent said something like Greek I hope your predictions are as accurate as your right hand as he rubbed his jaw. Those were the days my friend.

25 Years Ago

How about this.. In 1983 I was able to be at the Super Bowl held at the Rose Bowl where the Redskins beat the Dolphins 27-17. Wowie! Has it been that long? Remember guys if you're out there? Henry? Joe? Gordon? I still have the ticket framed! John Riggin's run! We were rockin' that day!