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Quantum of Solace

The most disappointing Bond movie since License to Kill. When I leave the theater after a Bond film I usually can't wait to see it again. Not this one. A car chase at the start, another chase, a boat chase, a plane chase ....please some intrigue for 007. The one image that stands out is the woman covered in oil. Like Shirley Eaton in gold. This scene has not got much coverage. Where is Q and Moneypenny?? The ending doesn't have much of a bang either. The music is ok, some slowed down verses of the James Bond theme. I remember the bang for Dalton and Brosnan's first outing as 007 and then it tailed off. Is Craig headed down the same path? Why not bring back Blofeld in the next film as the head of Quantum since he was never "actually killed off".


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