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A Different Type of Job Fair

JobLink, the St. Raymond Parish program for the unemployed and underemployed is sponsoring a “Reverse Job Fair” after every Mass this Sunday April 5. The job seekers will be set up in Moran Hall at St. Raymond’s Church at 11555 Shannon Ave. in Dublin and will be ready to discuss any possible job positions that are available.

What makes this job fair different is that companies will not be coming directly, but fellow parishioners from the four Sunday Masses. This unique event is a step away from your typical job fair where employers are at tables and prospective job seekers come to them. Here the job seekers will be at a table and have their resumes, business cards and examples of their work ready and are available to discuss opportunities.

Members of the Parish who are in a position to hire or know of any job openings will be able to spend some time with the JobLink group. In this tough economy and even tougher job market, making contacts within your Church can be an excellent way to ne…

NCAA Tournament Notes

I go back to 1964, watching UCLA defeat Duke on television. Black and white of course. The next two years are more vague. I listened on the radio to hear UCLA defeat Michigan, the next year I can't remembr hearing or listening to the significant win for Texas Western over Kentucky. 1967 started the UCLA dynasty. Seven straight titles. Will it ever end? Big Lew Alcindor, Wicks and Rowe then the Walton gang. It finally ended in 1974, it what I feel was the greatest college game ever, when North Carolina St with David Thompson ended the steak in double OT. Not to be put away yet UCLA came back and won the title the following year. Indiana & Bob Knight went undefeated ( the last team to do that) and won the title . That will be very very difficult to do again. Magic and Bird put on their show in 1979. the game wasn't that great as Michigan State was in control. Now we come to Patrick Ewing and Georgetown. He won one title over Houston and Akeem Olujawan in a classic matchup. …

On Stop Gap Jobs

Also known as interim, taxi or just plain old temp job.This is when you take a job when your unemployment has run out, you have or won't tap into your 401k or just need money coming in ASAP. I have been there.


You will have money coming in and will be back to a routine. It can give you confidence while you still search for your ideal position. If you are lucky you may get health coverage, vacation days and sick days. You will probably develope some friendships their. You may even pick up a new skill or two.


You won't make a whole lot of money. Keep your budget and expenses under control. It's possible you make have to work two jobs to make ends meet. You will have a little less flexibility in arranging interviews, taking classes or going to meetings.


The competition for these jobs will be rugged. Look at the people lining up for Kohl's or the 7,000 people waiting in a parking lot at Dodger Stadium for about 500 seasonal jobs. Make sure you still hav…

Are You Hungry ?

I have always thought that the way items on a menu are described can make your mouth water in desire. These are some examples that may cause you to hesitate in ordering.

From menu items in China, Thailand, Mexico and yes the USA.

Spaghetti Coronary
Meatballs Made of Swedes
Toasted Beagles
Chicken Fried Mexicans
Cabbages and Condoms
Deepresso Coffee
Sushi-Chef's Butt
Veal Voldostana, topped with asparagus,mozzarella,prostitute and swiss cheese.
Each sandwich special comes with small dink.

My review would be I'll take the Spaghetti if it includes meatballs. I will pass on the Swede meatballs though. Toasted Beagles, depends on the condiments. No to the chicken dish.The Cabbages and Condoms ...hmmm hold the Condoms. I will try any coffee so yes to the Deepresso. Not a sushi fan so pass on that. The Veal dish ...well depends who serves it. I have no problem with a sandwich with a small dink but bring a coke or pepsi.

A good proofreader is sometimes hard to find.

The 60's

Growing up in the sixties brings back memories. Remember Ed Sullivan introducing The Beatles and the sensation called Beatlemania that went on through the decade? Then there were the sad assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. Rough times. If you were a baseball fan you knew players by their nicknames....Say Hey, The Mick, Arriba. Football players also were instantly recognized by their nickname....Johnny U, Golden Boy, Broadway Joe. Remember the James Bond craze with the release of Goldfinger and then Thunderball. The novels were issued in paperback and with the merchandising it rivaled what Stars Wars was in later years. TV shows also had catch phrases which you recognized.
Good Morning Mr. PhelpsOpen Channel DHerrrrrre's Johnny. and I don't mean Jack Nicholson busting through a door.The final episode of The Fugitive was a classic. We finally saw Richard Kimble in a long awaited confrontation with the one armed man. There was the 1969 Moon Landing, Woodstock, Altamount.....Is Pau…

Resume Tips

In a recent review of resumes on the web, these are a few examples of what NOT to put on your resume or cover letter. In other words check your spelling and grammar.

I stick wit a job til it gets done and done right.Desire to use all my kowladge into the wark by to get the best result for the company.Languages: English and Spinach.Creating concept for TV Commerchials, Print Madia and Hoarding.I am a student of advertizing, on the streets I am a student of culture and memes. This is advertizing, finding the elusive why. Full grasp of nuances of culture, the relativity of trends and the impact of memes. I am a cultural chameleon, all of us and one of us.

Good Old Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney still packs a punch and a laugh on 60 Minutes. Some of his more memorable segments I remember are one wher he had a tv camera rolling at an airport where he first planted pennies on the ground. Few takers there. Then he dropped nickels and dimes and business picked up as people were bending down and scooping them up. Then a few quarters arrived and they didn't last long. Then came the dollars bills and Wow! Any more where those came from.
He did another where he talked about making Thanskgiving dinner and all the delicious food. Thanksgiving Dinner requires a lot of butter Andy noted. This isn't a diet I'm prescribing.
A classic one was where he started with as only he can with I hate baseball, I have always hated baseball, in fact I have trouble liking anyone who likes baseball. Then he backed off and said it probably has something to do with my next door neighbor's daughter threw a baseball better than me.

Humor to Brighten your day

Browse through a newspaper, you will find several humorous articles. Comercials on tv or radio can also be funny or clever or just plain silly. You can aslo read about mishaps about athletes or politicians and how they try to squirm out of a situation. You can also rent a comedy or look for a movie on tv. Try to put your situation as if it were a movie itself or soneone is writing a book about you. How would it go.