The 60's

Growing up in the sixties brings back memories. Remember Ed Sullivan introducing The Beatles and the sensation called Beatlemania that went on through the decade? Then there were the sad assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. Rough times. If you were a baseball fan you knew players by their nicknames....Say Hey, The Mick, Arriba. Football players also were instantly recognized by their nickname....Johnny U, Golden Boy, Broadway Joe. Remember the James Bond craze with the release of Goldfinger and then Thunderball. The novels were issued in paperback and with the merchandising it rivaled what Stars Wars was in later years. TV shows also had catch phrases which you recognized.
  • Good Morning Mr. Phelps
  • Open Channel D
  • Herrrrrre's Johnny. and I don't mean Jack Nicholson busting through a door.
The final episode of The Fugitive was a classic. We finally saw Richard Kimble in a long awaited confrontation with the one armed man. There was the 1969 Moon Landing, Woodstock, Altamount.....Is Paul Dead?? The 1968 Democratic Convention. You had to be there for all that. The rise and fall and rise again of Muhammad Ali. Those were memories that live on.


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