Good Old Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney still packs a punch and a laugh on 60 Minutes. Some of his more memorable segments I remember are one wher he had a tv camera rolling at an airport where he first planted pennies on the ground. Few takers there. Then he dropped nickels and dimes and business picked up as people were bending down and scooping them up. Then a few quarters arrived and they didn't last long. Then came the dollars bills and Wow! Any more where those came from.
He did another where he talked about making Thanskgiving dinner and all the delicious food. Thanksgiving Dinner requires a lot of butter Andy noted. This isn't a diet I'm prescribing.
A classic one was where he started with as only he can with I hate baseball, I have always hated baseball, in fact I have trouble liking anyone who likes baseball. Then he backed off and said it probably has something to do with my next door neighbor's daughter threw a baseball better than me.


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