NCAA Tournament Notes

I go back to 1964, watching UCLA defeat Duke on television. Black and white of course. The next two years are more vague. I listened on the radio to hear UCLA defeat Michigan, the next year I can't remembr hearing or listening to the significant win for Texas Western over Kentucky. 1967 started the UCLA dynasty. Seven straight titles. Will it ever end? Big Lew Alcindor, Wicks and Rowe then the Walton gang. It finally ended in 1974, it what I feel was the greatest college game ever, when North Carolina St with David Thompson ended the steak in double OT. Not to be put away yet UCLA came back and won the title the following year. Indiana & Bob Knight went undefeated ( the last team to do that) and won the title . That will be very very difficult to do again. Magic and Bird put on their show in 1979. the game wasn't that great as Michigan State was in control. Now we come to Patrick Ewing and Georgetown. He won one title over Houston and Akeem Olujawan in a classic matchup. Then in two others Gtown lost to North Carolina on Jordan's famous shot at the end then a teammates errant pass and they lost to Villanova because they shot like 75% from the field. He was so close to winning three titles like Alcindor/Jabbar. More on the NCAA in the future.


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