On Stop Gap Jobs

Also known as interim, taxi or just plain old temp job.This is when you take a job when your unemployment has run out, you have or won't tap into your 401k or just need money coming in ASAP. I have been there.


You will have money coming in and will be back to a routine. It can give you confidence while you still search for your ideal position. If you are lucky you may get health coverage, vacation days and sick days. You will probably develope some friendships their. You may even pick up a new skill or two.


You won't make a whole lot of money. Keep your budget and expenses under control. It's possible you make have to work two jobs to make ends meet. You will have a little less flexibility in arranging interviews, taking classes or going to meetings.


The competition for these jobs will be rugged. Look at the people lining up for Kohl's or the 7,000 people waiting in a parking lot at Dodger Stadium for about 500 seasonal jobs. Make sure you still have time ( and energy) to spend at least an hour or so a day on your real job search. The job you do may be boring, hard and you may feel it is beneath you........so leave your ego at home and try to do a good day's work. Make it as enjoyable as possible.


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