The Gunner

Was reading a book on the 1960 World Series where the Pirates beat in the Yankkes in seven games on Bill Mazeroski's home run. It is tto bad Bob Prince did not get to call it, it would rank up there with Russ Hodges and other memorable calls. Soooo..with that in mind here is how I think the Gunner would describe it. TERRY LOOKS IN THE COUNT 1-0. HERE COMES THE PITCH. THERE'S A DRIVE TO DEEP LEFT BERRA GOING BACK IT 'S GOING WAY BACK AND YOU CANNNN KISS IT GOODBYE. THE BUCS HAVE WON THE SERIES ON A HOMERUN BY BILLY MAZEROSKI. THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT. THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT THE BUCS HAVE DONE IT. THEY HAVE BEATEN THE YANKEES. IT'S PANDEMONIUM HERE AT FORBES FIELD. WE HAD 'EM ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY !!!!!


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