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Movie Thoughts

In VERTIGO......How the heck does Jimmy Stewart get down from that gutter??? It is one else is up there. Plus he looks in bad shape.
In KING KONG....How the heck do they transport Kong back to New York on a raft for several thousand miles?? In the 1976 remake they had him in a tanker. But in the original 1933 and the Peter Jackson remake, it skips that scene.
In HANNIBAL....How does Lector board a plane with his arm bandaged and with the whole country looking for him and not be noticed?

Since Sliced Bread ?

Aren't you tired of that saying, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. ? How about the greatest thing since the cell phone. Or electricity. A land line phone.Frozen meals maybe. The microwave. The automobile. Television perhaps. The internet and a home pc. Lots of others.