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NFL week 3

Well the Ravens look tough. So do the Giants. The Rams and Browns look like the two worst teams. A big high five for the Lions, finally winning and the 49ers showing they are a good team. Favre is still..well Favre.

Button Pushers

I wonder if we are still being creative as a workforce or are we just a group of button pushers who automatically go through the motions anymore.

No I in teamwork???

I get peeved when so called managers say there is no "I" in teamwork. They must be blind missing the big "me" right in it ???

Professional Unemployed

Remember the term "professional student" the person who seemed to be in school till their mid to late twenties. Now we may have the professional unemployed, the person who with the governments generous money line and extensions and extensions still is not working. I remember when people looked for a job through rough times, (myself included) and found one. Nowadays too many people are on the gravy wagon.

On baseball cards.

Yes I collected them as a kid and yes all those valuable ones are long gone. Besides the Honus Wagner million dollar card and the Mantle rookie card...the last real famous card one appears to be Ken Griffey Jr's rookie card of 1989.


With the unemployment rate in the Bay Area at 11.9 %.....shouldn't there be 11.9 % less traffic on work days? I don't see it. Especially on Fridays !

On linkedin and facebook

I think once people understand and use twitter and blogging, the over hyped facebook and over rated linkedin will slowly flame out.