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Pedro Martinez in the Bronx

If Pedro Martinez starts game 2 in New York....will we see and hear a repeat of 04 with...WHO'S YOUR DADDY !!!

ESPN's Interesting Week

First Steve Phillips and the staffer......Gone as Dan Patrick used to say. You can't keep affairs secret anymore.Now Bob Griese....out for a week. He should have said he was out having a beer. Remember the furor in 1983 with Howard Cosell and the Redskins receiver Garret? Howard kept going though.

Before The Internet

What did we do before the internet? Before cell phones. I remember when transistor radios were cool. Color tv's in the 60's was truly amazing. There were no dvd's no netflix's. You had time for other interests.

Christmas Albums

Bob Dylan has recorded a Christmas album. Sounds good. I would like The Beatles to FINALLY put out their collection of Xmas songs. There were recorded from 63 to 69. With all this same old same old re-releases they are putting out how about something fresh. The song Christmas Time is Here Again is a great singalong. How about it Paul? Ringo? Yoko? Olivia/ 2010 maybe ??

When The Rain Comes

I like being off on a rainy day. I have coffee in the morning, listen to jazz, check out the internet.

Social Networking Numbers from a Study

Users with household income above $75,000
Facebook -- 41.74 percent
MySpace -- 32.38 percent
LinkedIn -- 58.35 percent
Twitter -- 43.34 percent

Users with household income under $50,000
Facebook -- 28.42 percent
MySpace -- 37.13 percent
LinkedIn -- 17.34 percent
Twitter -- 28.36 percent

Female users
Facebook -- 56.33 percent
MySpace -- 56.69 percent
LinkedIn -- 48.11percent
Twitter -- 53.59 percent

Users aged 18 to 24
Facebook -- 10.27 percent
MySpace -- 15.46 percent
LinkedIn -- 3.99 percent
Twitter -- 9.51percent

Users aged 35 to 49
Facebook -- 31.54 percent
MySpace -- 29.09 percent
LinkedIn -- 43.64 percent
Twitter -- 34.02 percent

Source: The Nielsen Co. Do you trust these numbers?So what do we make of them?

Tough Times in Marin

The SF Chron has an article about the recession woes hitting Marin,talking about how residents are coping like the rest of the Bay Area as if Marin is Xanadu. Meanwhile typical Marin, a Marin couple spends 27k to stay the night at Hearst Castle. How newsworthy. Why didn't they donate the money to a needy cause?

Great PR Work

Some of the Public Relations projects I have done that stand out are I pitched a story about a softball team I played on to the Oakland Tribune and they ran it with pics. There were over 100 teams in the city but my team got the publicity. I also pitched a story on a hiking group I was with. Again the San Leandro paper ran a story with a picture on the front page. I have also arranged to get staff on radio shows and setup television coverage on events. That is called a track record of success.

On Aging

I have this theory that as you get older the days and tine go quicker. When you were a child remember how long it took for Christmas to come? Or baseball season. Now it seems there's always a doctor appointment or Monday arriving for the start of the new work week. If you dread something on your calendar it will be there in no time at all.