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Tri Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR)in Dublin is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization whose mission is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of homeless animals. TVAR cooperates with area shelters and rescue groups, primarily the East County Animal Shelter, to provide homeless animals with socialization, foster homes, medical care and an opportunity for a second chance.
TriValley Animal Rescue (TVAR) is a nonprofit charitable organization run solely by volunteers dedicated to placing homeless animals. Through the commitment of our volunteers, TVAR works to ensure services such as: Rescuing adoptable and/or treatable animals at risk and placing them in our foster program, Provide medical care, both routine and special needs providing volunteers at the East County Animal Shelter to spend time socializing the animals and interfacing with the general public.

On Memory

How far back can you remember events in your life? I was born in 1952 and remember some things in 1958. The Colts-Giants NFL Title Game. Vaguely remember events from my early childhood, that may have even been earlier.

On Journalism

I seem to notice that a lot of “news” articles are basically press releases from companies or groups put together into a summary of the subject, quoting certain people from the source on how something is working or doing. Is that journalism or just tooting someone’s horn?

On National Merchandising Corporation

I worked for them in 1977, selling advertising. I won a trip to Boston as the volume leader in my training class. Some great people there. The owner Art Sells, (great name), Bill Zollo (great trainer), Roger Liss (my manager), Rick Rathfon (in my training class) and Tom Volkar (great salesperson).