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on the nfl draft

Wouldn’t it be something if companies had testing combines and then a draft like the NFL ! Imagine the excitement if Microsoft or Apple or Google or ESPN or Disney called and said we just drafted you with our third pick to be an analyst or writer or IT person. Dreaming? I guess so. Back to reality.

on Big Ben or now little ben

Looks like Ben Roethlisberger is taking the headlines away from Brett Favre. I have never seen a star QB situation like this in NFL history. Joe Namath, Ken Stabler or any other championship QB was never in a fire like this. The closest situation to this is probably Paul Hornung and Alex Karras being suspended for a year by Rozelle in 1963.

on three wishes

If you found a genie lamp, what three wishes would you wish for ? Remember the old Twilight Zone episode and think.

on ninjas

We now have someone who is an expert in a field has the new title of ninja. It used to be guru, strategist, point person or…. well expert.