The Customer is not Always Right

Are you one of those shoppers that mind your own business, keep the table clean after you eat, do not reorganize a store's interior and do not make a spectacle of yourself in front of others? There are however, a small minority of customers who are so self absorbed they do not care about their surroundings and other customers. They come off as rude and haughty.

Here is a list of situations where the customer needs a "get with it" reminder.

1) Did you ever drive around a crowded parking lot, finally see a spot and as you turn in there is a shopping cart in the middle. Safeway, Lucky's and Trader Joe's in San Ramon and Pleasanton are always crowded lots. To whoever left it there.........wish them a flat tire on their way home.

2) You are in another parking lot, you park with no one on your left and on your return there is a huge pickup truck or van over the line and you have have about ten inches to open your door and squeeze in. To whoever owns that vehicle........may they get a speeding ticket on the way home.

3) Standing in a long line at a store you want to get checked out and be on your way. Wouldn't you know right in front of you is someone blabbing away on a cell phone about their personal problems. To the owner of the cell phone......may the battery go dead on the next call you make.

4) You are a customer representative listening patiently to an irate caller who for no reason starts swearing and uses foul language. To that caller.......may your battery also die out and the next time you call you have to trek to a pay phone to make the connection.

5) Standing in line at a store and there is that one person at the checkout who's holding up the show. First their check is rejected, then their credit card is declined, finally they have limited cash and start rationing out what to buy. To that person........bring plenty of cash next time.

6) You are back in the grocery store , third person in line , a clerk announces aisle five is open and and the last three people behind you sprint over and are checked out. while you are still waiting for the person in front of you to clear out. To those people..........I hope you left your wallet at home.

7) Going into a fast food place for a quick lunch, you arrive at a table with your food and there are ketchup stains, fries, spilled soda and a general mess. The staff is busy and hasn't had time to clean it yet so show a little courtesy and wipe it up before you leave. Kudos to Carl's in Dublin for always quick to clean a table.To the people who don't.....hope you get indigestion later that night.

8) You are shopping in a department store and there are clothes on the ground, jammed together or rolled up. to the people who cannot put back what they picked out........may you buy a size that does not fit and you have to come back to exchange it.


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