Doctor's offices do provide Customer Service

You don't think of a doctor's office or in this instance an ophthalmologist's office as providing customer service, just treatment right? It is time to give credit on an event in my life where service in addition to treatment was simply stellar.

A few years ago I was diagnosed as having a cataract in my left eye, which I almost expected since my vision seemed to get weaker over a few months. Thinking that this only happened to people sixty and over my doctor assured me it does happen to people under that age. We set the appointment in June and had a few more checkups to measure the implant replacement and I was thinking FANTASTIC...I will have super vision in four weeks. Not quite, the dark side of The Force was at work.

On a sunny Monday in June with my cataract surgery set for Wednesday, I was nearly at work when I noticed these strange cobwebs on my other eye. After arriving at work I noticed I could hardly see the computer from the right eye now. I called up the doctor's office and explained what was happening and reiterated it was now my other eye that had gone haywire. They said to come in right away.

My regular ophthalmologist was out for the day so another doctor looked inside it , paused and told me I had a tear in the retina. He then paged my regular doctor to come in and examine me. Completely stunned I sat in the waiting room and one of the medical assistants brought me a sandwich and soda from the cafeteria. When the doctor took I look and said we can fix this now, but we need to postpone the cataract surgery.They did a procedure when they numb your eye and kind of freeze the tear.

When it was done they said I would need about two week's off for it to heal, so the staff was very helpful in calling my work number as I was kind of in a dreamlike state and I spoke to HR and they faxed over the necessary papers. They also asked do I need someone to pick me up, I assured I could see well enough to drive, even though that was not true. I did make it home alright.The receptionist there helped me fill out the FMLA form and a few days later assisted with filling out the disability form and giving me literature and a video on torn retinas.

So after the retina was healed my appointment was reset for December and on the followup visits I was treated like an old friend. I was so pleased that I was treated as a person and not another patient a few days before Christmas I arrived at their office with a box of See's candy for everyone as a token of my appreciation for the great service I received which put a smile on everyone's face.

I give out 10 stars ********** to Valley Eye Care Center in Pleasanton.Dr.Savell and his staff are world class, no make that universal class.


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