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Wells Fargo and it's Fees

A San Francisco judge's pwerful ruling ordering Wells Fargo to pay its customers $203 million for manipulating debit transactions to maximize overdraft fees might be just the tip of the iceberg for the bank.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup's 90-page opinion Tuesday described Wells Fargo's motive as profiteering and said the San Francisco-based bank's goal was to "maximize the number of overdrafts and squeeze as much as possible" out of customers. Are we talking banks or loan sharks here? This is customer service at it's worst.

But the hefty tab represents only what Wells owes its California customers. That figure is far smaller than the potential bill from a separate suit in which Wells' clients in other states have accused the bank of the same unfair practices.

That case, consolidated in federal court in Miami, includes similar claims against 30 other lending institutions, including Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Union Bank and U.S. Bank. Oh my, is…

On Steven Slater

A pair of Pittsburgh women aboard a JetBlue flight said flight attendant Steven Slater, hailed by some as folk hero, was rude to passengers and instigated the confrontation that resulted in his barreling down an emergency chute from the plane and, ultimately, his arrest.

Marjorie Briskin, 53, told The Wall Street Journal for a story Thursday that Slater blurted out an expletive during an otherwise normal conversation with a passenger over luggage. Marjorie gets her 15 minutes of fame.

Another woman, 25-year-old Lauren Dominijanni, told the Journal that Slater was immediately rude to her. She said he "rolled his eyes at me" when she asked for a wipe to clean up coffee someone spilled on her seat. !5 minutes of fame to Laureen.

The paper quoted Briskin as saying that Slater's conversation about luggage with the as-yet unidentified passenger was normal but turned nasty after Slater said the expletive. "I didn't think she was rude in the least," Briskin said, acco…

Ultimate Customer Service Job Description

If you have always wanted to be a Customer Service Rep, here is what a job description might look like.

General Description:

Interact with customers to provide and process information in response to inquiries, concerns and requests about products and services. Take action to correct any issues.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

* Deal directly with customers either by telephone, electronically or face to face. You may end up talking to over 100 people a day. How does that sound?

* Respond promptly to customer inquiries. Like they want it yesterday.

* Handle and resolve customer complaints. Good buddy, you will get them constantly.

* Perform customer verifications. It will be amusing when you are staring at their driver's license number or social security number and they claim they never gave it to the company. Yeah.

* Process orders, forms, applications and requests. Better not make any mistakes or look out.

* Direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource. Whew! At le…

Are these really Jobs?

Having spent time looking for a position, I came across some unique job offers. Customer service is associated with a company to consumers but what about service to potential employees.

We are not talking about emails involving bank transfers here or winning lotto tickets, but ads on Monster, Career Builder and especially Craig's List where it seems like a daily race to get postings on.

You know the drill, you get an email or call telling you your qualifications are beyond belief and we want to interview you ASAP. It may be a coincidence but sometimes the same posting comes up in different cities under you guessed it different company names. Most of the time they want you to come in today for an interview. You are the player they want. You are LeBron James. Right.

I had one offer where it wasn't exactly explained what I would be doing but I was a perfect fit based on my background. They said to report to a large retail store the next morning where I would be "in training&quo…