Democrats and Republicans

With the election coming up Tuesday, I sometimes wonder how people choose political parties. Maybe the parties choose them. After doing some thinking and research I came up with some differences between the two.

Republicans roll a toothpaste tube as they use it. Democrats squeeze from the top.

Republicans like a good brandy. Democrats drink beer.

Republicans sleep in twin beds. That is why there are more Democrats. Thank you will Stanton.

When a leader is in the Democratic Party he's a boss; when he's in the Republican Party he's a leader.Thank you Harry Truman.

Democrats give their old clothes to the poor, Republicans wear theirs

Democrats like baseball,especially the World Series. Republicans like college football, especially the BCS controversies.

Democrats drink coffee from a mug. Republicans drink coffee from a cup with a saucer

Democrats call the evening meal supper. Republicans call it dinner.

Democrats believe people are basically good but must be saved from themselves by the government. Republicans believe people are basically bad but they'll be okay if they're left alone. Thank you Andy Rooney.

Democrats shave with a razor and shaving gel. Republicans use an electric razor.

Democrats carry change in their pockets. Republicans always carry a credit card.

Democrats will walk in communities to get votes. Republicans will attend a fundraiser.

Democrats buy lots of Hondas and Toyotas. Republicans lease lots of Hondas and Toyotas.

Bases on voter information, lots of Democrats marry Republicans.


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