Job searching and fantasy football

The NFL season started recently. I have been playing fantasy football since 1982. For those of you not born yet, John Elway was in college and Dan Fouts was "the man" in fantasy leagues.

It is truly amazing how much time and effort people I have participated with put into preparing for the draft and into making their weekly lineups. Probably far more than they put into a job search when they are out of work.

Example # 1

The millions of people that buy several magazines on football and study every trend , from who will be the Saints third receiver to who will win the kicking job in Seattle.

In your career field do you ever pick up a magazine or read an article or two online ?

Example # 2

Now be honest, how many times a day do you check sports websites for injury updates, roster changes, players moods and such.

Do you check company websites or look at postings in job sites as often ?

Example # 3

How much time do you spend writing and editing draft lists and ranking players.

Do you ever write down goals for your career and make a list of your strengths, accomplishments and weaknesses ?

Example # 4

How often do you tune into ESPN or the NFL Network, because, "something major" may have just happened and you have to know.

Do you watch videos or ask friends for advice on interviewing or how you can kick start your search ?

The Game Plan

The NFL season is starting and will be over by New Year's day. Hopefully your team(s) will do well. More importantly will you be working by then if you are among the unemployed ? Start to pay attention to really what works in fantasy football success as far as finding and applying information and transfer that to your job search.

It may just land you that job you have been seeking. That would sure beat being number one in a league !


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