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On 60 Minutes 99er Episode


Re the 60 Minutes episode. I am a member of the Job Connections group that Scott Pelley visited in Danville which is almost an hour from Silicon Valley. He spoke to fifteen people that were present and it was edited to show about three of them. A friend of mine was interviewed twice by Pelley for the in depth situations at her apartment but was told it did not make the final 14 minute segment. The Job Connections group is a weekly meeting where you have a guest speaker, new people introduce themselves briefly,there is an open mike where people get to say if they received a job offer or had an interview. There is networking afterwards, but with the majority out of work there is not very productive. What people in the group were disappointed in is he did mention or show what is called success teams , which consist of about 6-8 people who meet once a week for two hours at a library or such to give more personal support and exchange strategies. This is what is really vital to unemployed, somewhere to go each week and develop friendships and support. There are over thirty on the group, the one I am in meets every Monday. I have also help to setup a reverse job affair at my church where we had 40 members setup tables with their resume and all and after every mass many parishioners stopped by to give out any leads, advice and jobs that may know of.I would be considered a 00er, as I left a job under a stressful atmosphere and did not qualify for any unemployment. I have been doing political campaign work since May to get by, but that ends on 11-2-10.


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