Wish people working on Christmas a Merry Christmas

There are lots of people who have today and tomorrow off and can enjoy Christmas with family and friends. There are some that are still working, today and Christmas Day. The world of customer service people seem to always be there on a holiday.

This is the time to hold in any urge to complain about something and give a smile and a greeting to that clerk or person working these two days. Remember they are working perhaps not by choice, but they may need the money or because someone has to do the work to serve you.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Norman Vincent Peale

* If you are on a bus or BART, smile and wish the driver and passengers a Merry Christmas.
* If you order coffee at a cafe, smile and wish them Merry Christmas.
* If you order a meal at a restaurant, give a smile and wish them Merry Christmas.
* If you are standing in line in a store, an airport or a theater show some patience when you are finally at the cashier, smile and wish them Merry Christmas.
* If you pull into a gas station, smile and wave to the person inside as you leave.
* If you happen to be at a sporting event, smile and wish a Merry Christmas to the people working the ticket lines or the concession stands.
* If you pass any security guards anywhere give them a smile and a wave.
* If you pass a homeless person on the street, or someone collecting for a charity give them some spare change and say Merry Christmas.
* If you have to make a telephone call because of some type of service problem, keep any frustration in check and be sure to say Merry Christmas to the agent at the end of the call.

Remember Santa is not the only one working on Christmas.


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