Five questions to ask, five questions not to ask at interviews

The interview has just about wrapped up. You are interested in the position and the interviewer pops this question at you ?

Do you have any questions for me ?

Well, you should have several.

1. What is the biggest challenge in this job? You want to know what you will be asked to do. Come up with a reply to how you handled a similar challenge.
2. What do you enjoy about working here? This is a chance to find out about the culture and people there. It may be in line with what you seek with a company.
3. Is this a new position or a replacement? If you are replacing someone, see if they were promoted or let go. If it's a new position, they may seek your input on job responsibilities.
4. What kind of supervision will I have? Will someone check in with you now and then or will you be required to punch in and out throughout the day.
5. When will you make a decision? This will show you are interested in the position. They should tell you in a few weeks or the end of the month.

Don't ask these.

1. How long will my lunch hour be ? The days of the three martini lunches are long gone. You may have a scheduled one every day or it will be flexible. Expect 45 minutes or an hour. This will come after the offer.
2. Where will my office be located ? Don't ask for a corner office with a two windows. Once you have the position you can see where they locate you. If you will be in charge of people, aske how close you will be to them.
3. What is the social life here like? Don't try to find out if they have Christmas parties, picnics, fantasy football teams and like to hangout after work. You will find this out once you are there.
4. Have you ever been laid off ? Don't bring this up to them. A better question may be how did you find out about your position.
5. Why are you bulding a facility next door? If you have done your research on the company you should be able to answer this for yourself.

Bring a notepads, copies of your resumes and jot down relevant facts about the company. The key is to stay relaxed and have a positive flow with the interview.


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