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Welcom to Kable Kon, this is McBug

Welcome to Kable Kon, this is McBug, how may I help you?
“Yes, I’m having a problem with my cable reception.”
“Oh, sorry to hear that; what kind of problem are you having?”
“You mean you don’t know?”
“Uh, no, I don’t know. I can’t see your tv. In order to assist you I need you to first tell me what the problem is.”
“I thought you people could see into my Kable box.”
“Well, no, we can’t do that.”
“But you can see into my modem.”
“Well, yes, we can do that.”
“Why can you see into my modem but not my Kable box?”
“Er, well, I don’t know. I guess we have a different relationship with your modem than we do with your Kable box. So, could you tell me what problem you are having?”
“Yes, all I see is snow. Green snow.”
“Oh, green snow. OK. You’re probably on the wrong tv input and you more than likely have a video input plugged into an audio jack or an audio input plugged into a video jack or you may have an audio input plugged into a video jack and a video input plugged into an audio jack.”
“Oh, don…

AOL buying Huffington Post

Internet company AOL Inc. famous for it "you've got mail," and local patch news sites is buying online news hub Huffington Post in a $315 million deal that represents a bet on the future of online news.

Huffington Post grew quickly from startup to online giant. Over time, it launched city-specific pages and developed a roster of sections such as food and books. The work of its 70-person paid staff is augmented by content from news outlets and 6,000 bloggers who write for free.

In a blog post about the deal, Arianna Huffington praised AOL's vision. She wrote that the deal was signed at the Super Bowl in Dallas.