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Pizza and art are a good mix

If you are like the majority of people you go to a pizza restaurant for the food, beverages and maybe the location and service.

Lanesplitter Pizza and Pub in Berkeley besides having such interesting pizza combos such as the Heartstopper, the Chopper and the Splitter has added a new service to the menu. Rather to the wall.

For the past six years they have added artwork, paintings and other exhibits to the already cozy atmosphere inside. Their manager Chloe said they have been showcasing a variety of local and up and coming artists who normally do not have a chance to display their talents at galleries and similar venues.

The artist has the entire month to showcase their work on the walls of Lanesplitter's and it provides a unique diversion from the usual television screens and video games one gets accustomed to. Plus you can learn something new from the exhibits.

For the month of March the artist who is showing their paintings is Jesse Berger.

"We like an idea what type of work…