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Football and Sports Illustrated Magazine

If football does start slipping, Sports Illustrated will go down with it considering the huge amount of coverage the mag gives it.

Black Monday NFL Style

The NFL's version of it will have 4-5 coaches fired the day after the season ends.

Bud Selig a hall of famer ??

If these narrow minded people push in Buddy Selig into the hall, then Rose, Bonds, Clemens and other should have the door kicked in for them.

Sorry Penn State

A two loss team does not deserve to be in the top four playoff system. Ohio State was pelfed last year.

2016: The Most Boring NFL Season Ever

2016 is just boring for fans. Mediocre teams, terrible matchups, little excitement. When a QB of a 1-10 team gets headlines, you are scraping for a story. There are only 6 teams with 3 or less losses. The SI pick for the Suoer Bowl, Cards v Steelers is a laugh.

Rain Delay helped the Cubs

The rain delay in game seven helped the Cubs win. Indians pitcher Shaw had to wait the 20 minutes. The Cubs batted first and were ready after the rest.

Are the 2016 Chicago Cubs headed for disaster again ?

The Cubs may be headed for another disappointing playoff season. Clayton Kershaw performance reminds me of Orel Hershiser and  the 1988 Dodgers team. His relief stint and 1-0 win.

Where is Baseball Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has not put a baseball player on the cover since the preview issue in March. What is going on.

PIttsbirgh's Most Disappointing Sports Year

That had to be the past year. The Penguins lost game 7 at home to the NY Rangers, the Steelers lost a playoff game at home to the Ravens, and the Pirates lost the Wild Card game to the Cubs, after losing the previous year to the Giants.