Volunteering to Help Senior Citizens

Living in the moment. The fierce urgency of now. Time is a precious commodity to all of us and especially to homebound seniors. Many people are so concerned with adding days to their life that they can forget how to add life to their days
There are ways you can make a difference, adding life to your days and others through Programs offered by Fremont’s LIFE ElderCare Inc.

180 Minutes invested of your time offers VIP Rides which links volunteers for Seniors who need assistance traveling with Paratransit in the area. You can ride along on the trip and provide needed door to door assistance for medical appointments or other errands. This can also provide wonderful moments and a chance to make someone’s day. The average number of monthly trips is over 400. 80% were for medical appointments.

120 Minutes of your time a week and you can be part of the Friendly Visitor’s which matches isolated seniors with a volunteer who spends two hours a week enjoying each other’s company. Watching a movie, playing a card game or cheerful conversation can be just the thing someone looks forward to every week. There is a growing need for volunteers for this program. You can make a difference by adding companionship to someone’s life.

90 minutes of time in your day can ensure that the Meals on Wheels program in delivering hot , nutritious meals to homebound seniors will make someone’s day. You can serve as volunteer driver and see a friendly, welcoming face every day! The Program serves over 90,000 meals a year!

30 minutes of in-home exercise can improve a senior’s balance, stamina and mobility. If you are a frail, homebound senior or know of one whom could benefit from such a program, LIFE ElderCare’s Get up and Go Program which links Unitek College nursing students and seniors for weekly in-home exercises can benefit you. To date over 650 seniors have enrolled in the Program.


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