What a PR Person should do for an organization

Do a newsletter by email, two pages. Send out monthly.
Hard Copy Newsletter. 8-12 pages. 4X a year.
Work with development on fundraising PR, assist with tasks.
Work and publicize events, suggest ideas.
Speak at Community Events, set up other speakers and showcase programs.
Develop relationships with radio, newspapers, TV, Chamber, City etc.
Attract and keep volunteers in organization.
Take classes (Media Alliance) to enhance skills.
Highlight staff members to the Media, make them resources and be known.
Research relevant articles, do clippings, keep files of Press coverage.
Arrange interviews, spokespersons for media.
Do bios of staff, have them log into facebook and linkedin for networking resources.
Collect information and quotes, write news releases, media alerts, PSAs and blogs.
Create and assist with placement of flyers .Coordinate press conference or media events.


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