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Things that annoy me

Have you ever been in a checkout with eight or so people amd when the clerk next to you opens their register and says I'll take the next customer it's usually the last two in line who sprint over their first....and get waited on while you are still in the same spot.
People who don't use their turn signals and jump in front of you.
Those annoying coworkers that are constantly asking for change for a dollar or can you lend me five bucks till payday.
Neighbors who are talking loud or blasting their stereo high.
Someone who is always late to a meeting and thinks nothing of it.Commercials on TV or Radio that make little or no sense.Spam emails or phony job offers coming into your mailbox.How the media treats celebrity news as major news.Anyone who parks their car/truck/van over the line and takes up two places.Couples that take their personal issues into a public place and you can hear them, word for word, insult for insult.