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On Holiday Jobs

Looks like it is rough even looking for a temp job over the Holidays. As Bob Dylan said: You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Sarah and Newsweek

Well Sarah Palin got publicity and a buzz going. Newsweek will probably sell a record number of copies. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue next for her?


Why I ask does every atm at a service station ask if you want a receipt? Shouldn't it be automatic. Some will make sure to ask if you want that car wash. I'm waiting for one to ask for a tip...or buy a snack.

On Customer Service 800 Numbers

Companies wonder why Customer Service is lagging. They can start with their highly customized 800 numbers which basically puts up roadblocks for someone to reach a live person. When there are many callers.....get ready for a lonnnnnng wait. This is not what 800 numbers were intended to do. Call up ATT,Comcast,Wells Fargo, Triple AAA,Chase, PGE or any major company and get ready to wait. No three's a crowd here..