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Those credit card annual fees

Mitchell of San Leandro was notified recently that next month his Wells Fargo credit card which he has had over 20 years was now going to hit him with a $45 annual fee.

Banks describe this annual fee as a a yearly charge for basically the convenience of having a credit card.

"I was out of work for a bit, so I had to charge my credit card," he said. "Now I have to pay that yearly fee on top of the interest because I need to keep the card."

If your credit card decides to charge you an annual fee, they are required by federal law to notify you 45 before it becomes effective. You can reject the fee by opting out and closing your account, but this could possibly hurt your credit score.

David Lazarus of the LA TImes wrote about Bank of America charging one customer $59 for their annual fee.

"I feel like an indentured servant," Sue Laman told Lazarus. "But what can I do? I can't refuse their annual fee. They know I have no choice except to pay."

Visual CV provides resumes with your photo

Visual CV provides your resume with your photo. take a look.

We all need jobs, don't we

Looking for and landing a position seems to be tougher than ever. Sending out resumes in the "black hole" for job postings can make you weary. Trying to locate a job in the "hidden job market" means getting past rocks, firewalls or gatekeepers.

With the current economy not showing much change, sometimes it helps to come up with a different and unique approach to landing a job. There was the sandwich board guy in New York who was featured on CNN. Some places like schools, churches and groups have started reverse job fairs.

Howard Friedenberg decided to take matters into his own hands. Specifically to a website and to BART. He and a group of job seekers in the East Bay have set up a website and have put themselves on a billboard banner at a Bart Station. Actually four banners at four stations up and down the East Bay.

The billboard has their photos on it, the website address and is worded to draw your attention. This isn't your typical buy our …