Customer Service and Political Campaigns

Managing a political campaign is a demanding job that requires intimate knowledge of all aspects of campaigning, including communications, volunteers, fundraising and accounting. At any time day or night, campaign managers can have access to all of the campaign records in their system. Just like a business.

If you have received phone calls, canvassers, campaign mail and ads, you have seen how people want your vote rather than your service or money. Oh, excuse me. They do want your money. I get several emails several times a week from the Jerry Brown's the Meg Whitman's, the Barbara Boxer's all asking for at least $5 to $50. Never mind the sky high unemployment rate, just gimme what you can afford.

Using phone banks, canvassing teams and direct mailing you will get bombarded with information, twisted truths, accusations and most of all we want your vote, Sometimes if records are not kept correctly, you may get more than one call or visit.

With elections for Governor, US Senate, seats in cities in Oakland, San Leandro, Alameda and everywhere in the East Bay, you can count on a busy fall of all of the above services.

If you get a phone call from someone asking for your vote what you can do right away is ask if they are a volunteer or paid staff. They are required to answer that. Volunteers come and go, do as they please and do it because they believe in the candidate or issue. Most staffers have to make a certain quota of calls and are expected to get so many "yes" commitments.

Campaigns can post news, articles and endorsements to their website, as well as uploading photos and video content. This makes it easy to accept contributions and recruit volunteers online.

The campaign’s relationship with voters is an undeniably important part of success. To be able to effectively communicate with them, it is essential that a campaign be equipped with a detailed database of voter information which you probably did not know existed.

In addition “easy update technology” allows them to update records with the latest information without losing any of the details the campaign already collected. Sounds like Big Brother has your back covered here literally.


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