Oakland, Mehserle Verdict and Customer Service

With all the hype,anticipation and fear surrounding the Mehserle verdict, the city of Oakland has taken a positive step as far as serving the public with a special section on it's city website. This has updates for the community and businesses which include Spanish,Chinese and Vietnamese languages.

Considering that most disasters or demonstrations or riots catch the population unprepared this shows that any violence will not be tolerated. The website is http://www2.oaklandnet.com/

There is also a number to call 510-777-8814 to report tips, rumors or information related to disturbances regarding the Mehserle verdict. In companies this would be referred to as disaster preparation. The city of Oakland, for all the criticism it takes shows real customer service for keeping people in the know.

There has been enough fear and loathing generated by the local media on the subject. Television stations want ratings, papers want to sell copies and radio wants listeners. On the day of the verdict you can count on pushing and shoving in the media to be the first to interview the prosecutor, the defendant's attorney, the families of Oscar Grant and Johannes Mehserle and they will also have reporters front and center in Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco to report on any violence, protests or more.

We have already seen and read enough about people not wanting to be anywhere near Oakland that day or Merchants bracing for the worst or police preparing for mob scenes. Let the media give it a break and when the verdict is announced let justice be served and if you do not agree with it demonstrate peacefully and orderly.


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