World Cup terms explained

With the World Cup over and Spain the winner, I thought it would be helpful to review several phrases you heard during the broadcasts and where they may have originated from.

Advantage Rule: This used to be when a company had a monopoly on a service. Like the old Ma Bell days.

Assist: When you are in a call center and you put a customer on hold and ask a colleague a question. They get an assist. Don't overuse it or you may hear the dreaded RTFM.

Back Header: This is when you have been with a customer a long time and you simply bend your head back and ask "why me? "

Banana Kick: Common in fast food or take out places. You slip on a wet spot and your leg kicks up but you keep your balance and (hopefully) you don't get hurt. If you due hello litigation.

Bicycle Kick: When you arrive at work and see no more bicycle slots available. So you kick the one that you haven't recognized before.

Chest Trap: This is when you are reading a magazine at work and your boss walks by. You expertly put it into your chest and fold your arms. No harm, no foul.

Chip Shot: This occurs in retail when some anxious customer walks up to you and says I need a television or computer right now. How can you blow this one?

Creating Space: This is when you move from a cubicle into an office. Congratulations, you've just been promoted.

Flick Header: Popular in large stores where you walk up to a clerk and ask say where is the shoe department and they nod their head in a direction and say "over there."

Juggling. This when you are talking to someone at your desk and have two other people on hold. This takes practice.

Near Post: The closest place to eat when you are at work. Sometimes it may refer to a bar.

Outlet Passes; This is when you can transfer a call to another department because it was misdirected to you.

Play On: When you are still talking to a customer and your break/lunch is due. You hope this winds down quickly.

Shielding: This is when you have to make excuses for another department that fouled up an order or installation. Most likely your customer is a bit ticked.

Shorthanded: When for no particular reason a lot of people call in sick one day and you have to hustle to make it through the day. You hold your breath and try not to curse them.

Striker: Your go to or point person. They will have the answers to any question. Why they are not in management is a mystery.

Throw-in: When you add something to a customer's order. A coupon, free sample or just a plain credit.

Timeout: After thorough and exhausting research, I could not find that this term exists.

Yellow Card: This is when you are called into a closed door meeting and are told that certain behavior will not be tolerated in the future.


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